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At our locksmith company, we are dedicated to providing affordable and reliable services that maximize your property’s security. One of our more simple, yet practical, services is lock rekeying. Rekeying services performed by our residential or commercial locksmith are quick, efficient, and can provide benefits akin to that of brand new locking hardware.

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Rekeying Vs. Changing Locks

Changing a door’s locks involves completely removing and replacing its old locking hardware. This service will yield brand new locks and keys and is recommended for doors with old, damaged locks that no longer function properly.

Rekeying door locks involves alteration to the lock cylinder tumblers so that each of the wafers will be in a different order than before. This service preserves the external lock hardware and prevents unauthorized individuals from using old keys to gain entry. Lock rekeying is cheaper than changing locks, as no new hardware, other than keys, will be required.

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When To Rekey Locks

Though often neglected, rekeyed locks can provide bolstered security to a property on a number of occasions. The following are a few situations in which we’d recommend employing rekeying services:

  • Moving Into A New Home
  • Roommate Moves Out
  • Lost Keys
  • Former Employee Has A Copy
  • Want To Change All Locks To One Key
  • A New Tennant Rents Your Property

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