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Many homeowners leave their patio doors unlocked or choose not to replace a weak or damaged patio door lock but don’t realize that patio doors are a common entry point for intruders. Our residential locksmiths at We Do Locksmith are here to help guide you to what sliding door locks are available on the market to improve your sliding door.

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Types Of Sliding Door Lock

For homeowners, keeping your family secure is a major concern. Unfortunately, locks are often considered the weakest spot, so a burglar can easily access your home. To better understand your home’s security, we recommend learning about the different types of glass sliding door locks.

Two-Bolt Sliding Door Locks

Two-bolt sliding door locks feature a sliding steel bolt that goes into the door frame when locked. These are reliable locks when upgrading your home’s security. These can be installed at any height on the door, which means you can use them in addition to your already existing lock instead of complete lock replacement.

Sliding Glass Doors Smart Locks

While only a few smart locks are available for sliding doors, they are rapidly becoming more common. Sliding door smart locks are usually tamper-resistant and can sometimes notify you if someone has attempted to unlock the door without your knowledge. Using these locks allows your family to enter a security code to access your home. Administrators can always change the code if they feel the home’s security has been compromised.

Slide-Locking Bar

Other than investing in a new lock for your sliding door, you can also put up a slide-locking bar. We recommend getting a steel bar as these are harder to break than other materials. These are helpful even if an occupant or a burglar has damaged the door or lock. One of the only downsides to this type of lock is that you will have to remember to put them in place before leaving the house or going to sleep.


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