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Everyone has lost their house keys at some point in their lives, but not everyone has taken the right approach to get them replaced. For example, using the hardware store’s automated key-cutting machines might seem like a good idea at first, but without the more personal and customer-tailored service provided by a professional locksmith company, it’s easy to miss out on valuable advice and recommendations. An experienced locksmith is not only more likely to get the job done right the first time, but they are also more trustworthy and able to answer your questions.

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There are several reasons why you might want to get replacement keys. In any case, make sure you choose reputable locksmiths to replace your keys and make copies for you. With more than 15 years of experience helping families in Florida stay safe, We Do Locksmith is your top choice for all your residential locksmith needs. Call us today to request a free quote!



What Types Of Keys Can You Replace?

We replace all kinds of keys! Safe keys, house keys, car keys — you name it.

Can You Replace A Key Without The Original?

Yes! We can replace lost or stolen keys so long as we have access to the lock they fit in. We use specialized tools to learn the key patterns in your lock, which we then use to create a new key.

My Key Got Stuck On The Lock. Can You Help?

Yes! We can remove the stuck key safely without damaging the lock. If the key is no longer functional, we can replace it.

Should I Try To Pick The Lock Myself?

We do not recommend doing this as you may end up damaging the lock and thus making it harder for a professional to open it and make a key replacement.

I Lost My House Keys! Should I Change My Locks?

If you suspect your house keys were stolen, then consider changing or rekeying your locks to prevent unwelcomed persons into your home. Lock rekeying involves changing part of the lock to open with a new key shape without replacing the entire lock. Doing so may be a simpler and more affordable option than changing the locks. On the other hand, if you think your keys are simply misplaced, a replacement should do just fine for the time being.


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