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The push-button lock, also known as the combination lock, is a type of keyless entry system that works with the touch of a keypad and a pre-programmed code. Access is only granted when the correct code is entered. These keyless push locks provide a high level of security and they are virtually vandal-proof, they feature no wiring, and they have a long functionality timespan. What’s more, there are a vast array of different push button locks available with options ranging from codes and combinations to systems in multiple languages with multiple user code capabilities as well as a user lockout feature. Ideal for busy business settings, push-button locks are among the numerous specialties of our commercial locksmiths. We Do Locksmith is dedicated to helping you keep your business safe 24/7 emergency locksmith service available. Contact us today to connect with our locksmiths and to request a free quote.

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Our highly-trained technicians can set up your new lock system and teach you how to use it so that you understand all aspects of the lock, from programming new codes to reviewing access reports. Contact our locksmith company today for a free, no-obligation quote for push button locks and for any additional locksmith services we offer.

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Push-Button Lock Benefits

When considering the best type of lock system for your commercial property or business, the higher the security the better. Another important consideration is the convenience of use. Striking the perfect balance between both, push-button padlocks offer business owners a wide range of benefits. Contact us today to schedule locksmith services with a commercial locksmith at We Do Locksmith.

No Lost Keys

Lost and misplaced keys can be among the most frustrating aspects of security for business owners. While traditional locks require tangible keys to unlock the system, push-button locks are high-security locks that allow you to enter the room, building, or another location without the requirement of keys. This can be especially useful for when you or your employees have to take frequent trips from one space to another, allowing you to avoid accidentally locking yourself out!

Easy-To-Designate Access

Keeping track of who has which key and access to what facilities can be a headache for business owners. Getting keys back from former employees can also cause difficulties. With push-button systems, employees are given a code they can use to enter your commercial property. What’s more, many systems can be programmed with up to 100 different code designations, making it easy to keep on top of your fleet.

Convenient For Anytime Access

Does your business keep unconventional hours of operation? Even if your company keeps traditional business hours, what happens if you or your employees need to gain access before the workday starts? With push-button devices from We Do Locksmith, you and whomever you provide access to can gain entry into your storefront or office building in a secure way with the added convenience of anytime use and without having to fumble with their keys.

Codes Are Easy To Change

Are you worried that the code has become compromised? Or, perhaps, you need to adjust the current codes to reflect changes to your current staff? Push-button locks let you skip lock replacement by making the process of changing lock codes a breeze. If for any reason you want to change a code, we are happy to help! During a lock installation, our technicians can walk you through each aspect of using your new locks, including information on changing codes.

Can Be Used For Interior & Exterior Doors

One of the most useful benefits of push-button locks is their versatility. Push-button locks can be used for both interior entryways and exterior doors. If you have a retail store or an office building with a significant amount of foot traffic, you might want to control how much access patrons or employees have to certain areas of the property. Push-button locks can be used on interior doors to properly secure your office space, storage, and other restricted areas or on exterior doors to keep potential intruders from getting in!

Commercial Locksmith Services

At We Do Locksmith, our team aims to provide each customer with the best commercial locksmith systems possible, helping our customers maintain a high level of security within all aspects of their business. Contact our local locksmiths today to request a free, no-obligation quote for any of our services and find out how our advanced locksmith solutions and systems can help keep your commercial property secure year-round.


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