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Business owners know the importance of keeping their commercial property safe and secure for their employees and patrons. With that in mind, it’s crucial that your property also strikes the right balance between security and accessibility. You don’t want just anyone to have access to rooms containing your business’ most sensitive materials, but it also shouldn’t be a hassle for trusted employees to gain admittance. Fortunately, master key lock systems strike that perfect balance and make for a simple and effective security solution for businesses of any size. Master key systems are comprised of four types of keys, each of which grants varying levels of accessibility. This manageable, multi-tiered security system makes it easy to keep track of who has access to different areas across your property.

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What Is A Master Key System?

Essentially, a master key system is a multi-tiered security system whereby a selected set of keys can open a predetermined number of doors. Change keys, master keys, grandmaster keys, and great grandmaster keys are the primary types of keys in a master key system. In terms of accessibility, change keys grant the lowest level of access and only open one lock. Master keys, on the other hand, impart greater degrees of access, capable of opening multiple locks across a property. Grandmaster keys and great grand master keys permit access across multiple master key systems and, as such, should be reserved for the most trusted employees and business owners. Of course, not all four key types need to be used for effective master key management.

Benefits Of A Master Key System

Master key systems allow a business’ management team to hand out different types of keys to employees and guarantee limited access to certain parts of the building. The flexibility and convenience of these systems make them hugely beneficial to business owners. Below are a few other ways commercial property owners can benefit from a master key system:


Business owners/management only need to keep track of one key for every door on their property.

Property Wide Control

A master key system ensures employees only have access to areas they need.


Rather than having expensive new hardware installed, our commercial locksmiths can simply rekey existing locks into a new master key system.

Is A Master Key System Right For You?

Whether you’re looking for a simple, straightforward two-tier security system or a more complex system that utilizes multiple access points, a master key lock system may be right for you. In particular, larger businesses that are run out of offices, landlords of apartment complexes, and hotel managers will benefit significantly from a master key lock system’s convenience and security. Additionally, a master key system pairs seamlessly with an access control system. Contact the experienced commercial locksmiths at We Do Locksmith today to learn more about how a master key system can benefit your business!

Increased Security For Your Business

If you are considering upgrading your locks to a master key system, ask us about high-security locks, which are resistant to damage and almost impossible to lock pick. In addition to the doors of your building, we provide file cabinet lock services to keep paperwork and documents secure. We also supply and install safes so you can have the highest level of security from both human elements and natural elements such as storms and fires.


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