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Losing access to your mailbox can be frustrating. Whether you’ve misplaced your mailbox key,  the lock is damaged to the point of malfunction, or you believe someone has tampered with your mailbox lock, our experienced team of professional locksmiths can help you regain access to and secure your mailbox and the important documents it contains!

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Mailbox Lock Replacement

Over time, locks can become worn out. Whether it’s from frequent use, lack of maintenance, or erosion caused by exposure to the elements, mailbox locks will eventually show signs of deterioration such as sticking, providing resistance, or turning without unlocking. To aid in avoiding these issues and an inevitable broken lock, we recommend receiving annual mailbox maintenance. However, if your mailbox lock is already damaged beyond repair, we can dispatch a local locksmith to provide speedy, reliable on-site lock replacement services!

Mailbox Key Replacement

Mailbox lockouts are troublesome, especially when you know there’s an urgent piece of mail inside that’s just out of reach. Whether you’ve lost your mailbox key or it’s broken, you’ll likely want to figure a way to open your mailbox as quickly as possible. Well, that’s where we come in! We use specialized tools that allow us to map your lock’s inner pattern to create a key that’s just like the original. Rather than busting your mailbox lock open, our licensed locksmiths can simply create a new key to get you back into your mailbox in no time flat!

Rekeying Mailbox Locks

If you’ve lost your mailbox key in a public place or believe that it may have been stolen, it might be wise to have your mailbox rekeyed. The last thing you want is for an ill-intended individual to have access to documents containing personal information housed within your mailbox. Should you ever find yourself in this situation, contact our experienced team of local locksmiths for quick and effective rekeying services.


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