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Whether you have terminated an employee or moved your business to a new location, rekeying your business locks is imperative to the security of your business.  We Do Locksmith provides rekeying services for large-scale and small-scale commercial buildings to give you some peace of mind that only authorized people will have keys to your business.

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What Does It Mean To Rekey A Lock?

Rekeying a lock involves changing its internal workings so that old keys will no longer open the door. As only the internal mechanisms accept the key, the deadbolts, knobs, or levers are not replaced in commercial lock rekeying services. We Do Locksmith offers commercial lock rekeying services as a cost-effective and straightforward way to change the keys to your business or rental property.

Why Rekey Your Locks

One of the main reasons to rekey your business’s locks is that you don’t know who has access to previous keys and where those keys are. Rekeying locks may also give you peace of mind if you have lost a set of keys and aren’t sure if anyone has picked them up. Whether your business is a large corporation or a small, local business, We Do Locksmith can provide you with quick and efficient commercial lock rekeying services.

Benefits Of Commercial Lock Rekeying


Whether you are a large business conducting an overhaul of all the locks of your business or a small business with different needs, rekeying your locks is more affordable than completely replacing all the locks. The key pins in the lock’s internal mechanisms are inexpensive, making it a cheaper alternative.

Peace Of Mind

Whether your keys were stolen, misplaced, or the business just moved into a new building, rekeying your commercial locks can give you some peace of mind knowing that no other keys work on your company’s door aside from your keys.

Improve Security

Security is one of the most important reasons to rekey your commercial locks, as it gives you total control over who can gain access to your business. Rekeying your commercial locks also allows you to have complete control over the distribution of the new keys.


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