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Keyless entry systems seem futuristic, but with technological advances, they have become a reliable alternative to traditional lock systems. Residential keyless entry systems are great for those looking for a way to replace keys or to add extra security features to a home, business, or other property. Enjoy the benefits of a new lock installation without limiting daily productivity with a keyless entry system from our residential locksmiths!

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What Is A Keyless Entry System?

Each type of keyless entry lock offers different ways to add more security to your home or business. Some keyless entry locks use both electronic locking mechanisms and traditional key-and-tumbler locks, and typically utilize keypads, key fobs, or smart locks. In addition, smart locks often allow for integration with other forms of technology, such as smartphone apps or home security systems.

Electronic Door Locks

Electronic locks operate using a passcode, touchscreen, keypad, or key fob. Keycards and key fobs rely on radio-frequency identification, which picks up the electromagnetic tracking codes embedded in the locks. Electronic locks are powered by a low-level electronic current — usually a battery pack.

Residential programmable door locks only draw this power when the lock is opened or closed. However, if you live in an area that experiences power outages often, electronic locks have mechanical cylinders that can be used instead when the power is out.

Smart Locks

“Smart” locks rely on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology to transfer information, such as voice assistant apps or other security systems. These locks have become more popular over the years due to their integration with smartphone applications or other systems. Some smart locks come with facial recognition to separate your family and friends from any possible home invaders or burglars. These locks can notify you of any entry attempts and secure the door wherever you are located.

Benefits Of Electronic Locks

Compared to typical mechanical locks, electronic and smart locks come with more benefits than one may think. A few of the most common benefits of keyless entry systems include the following.

Convenient Access

Electronic locks can make entering your home easy without having to dig through dozens of different keys. Electronic and smart locks can provide remote access that can be unlocked and locked from a distance. In addition, smart locks can send signals to a keyless entry system from a greater distance than a standard electronic lock.

Improved Security

While traditional, mechanical locks provide adequate security for most property owners, they can still be accessed by a previous resident or be broken by a home intruder. Electronic locks can improve safety by removing this risk.

Smartphone Accessibility

If you are forgetful when it comes to locking the door, electronic locks can be programmed to lock the doors when no one is on the property and unlock when trusted people return home. Using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, apps can allow for locks to be customized to set schedules, voice commands, and personalized passcodes.

Access Records

For electronic locks that can be accessed through an app, entry records can be recorded and retrieved to tell the property owner who accessed the property by providing everyone with personalized passcodes.


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