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When your car doesn’t start, it can often leave you feeling frustrated and stuck. Often, vehicle owners assume that the issue lies with the car’s battery when it can be caused by a faulty ignition switch, which is used every time the vehicle is turned on. Rather than having your car towed to an expensive dealership, reach out to an experienced automotive locksmith at We Do Locksmith. Our certified technicians offer fast, affordable ignition switch repair services — right on-site.

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How Can An Automotive Locksmith Help With Ignition Switch Replacement?

Picture this, you are running late for an important meeting at work, and just your luck, your car won’t start. A common cause of this could be a faulty ignition switch, one of your vehicle’s most important electronic components. This can happen when power is interrupted at the turning point of the key. Our auto locksmiths are capable of doing an entire ignition switch replacement, including wiring. However, car ignitions are specific to brand and model, so parts may need to be ordered by our team.

Broken Key Extraction

After months and years of use, your car keys can break in the car’s ignition, leaving you stuck, as this can keep you from both locking and starting the car. Besides being an inconvenience, a broken key can cause ignition switch failure. One of our trained locksmiths can replace your car key on-site as well as remove the broken key.

Ignition Repair

Similar to other car parts, over time, a car’s ignition switch can deteriorate. While an ignition cylinder can be repaired, under extreme circumstances, such as too much damage to the cylinder breaking down wafers, the cylinder may have to be repaired. An experienced locksmith can perform ignition switch repair services or replace the ignition switch if necessary, or you are worried about this problem happening again.

How Long Does It Take To Replace An Ignition Switch

The amount of time an ignition switch replacement will take depends on the model and age of your car. Once all the parts necessary for a replacement are in, the process of changing should not take long. Most of the time it takes to complete the replacement involves removing all the different latches, screws, and bolts used to hold the covers together. All of these will also have to be replaced.

The Dangers Of DIY

Trying to replace your car’s ignition switch yourself can cause some severe damage to your vehicle. Before you can replace the switch, there is some deconstruction required to access the ignition. This involves parts that will have screws, bolts, and some that need to be pried open. We recommend leaving this process to one of our experienced automobile locksmiths who has the proper skills and training to repair or replace your car’s ignition switch properly.


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