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There are few things in life as frustrating as being locked out of your own house. Fortunately, whether you’ve misplaced or broken your house keys, our residential locksmiths can offer quick and reliable 24 hour emergency locksmith services to help you get back into your home in no time flat! Our team of licensed and bonded technicians pride themselves on their ability to provide award-winning emergency locksmith services with lightning-fast response times. Next time you find yourself locked out of your house, whether it’s the middle of the day or the dead of night, call a local locksmith from our locksmith company for fast and efficient re-entry!

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Professional Residential Lockout Services

We recognize that home lockouts are frustrating and time-sensitive. That’s why we strive to maintain exceptional service while offering quick response times. For your convenience, our professional locksmiths provide a range of emergency lockout services, including the following.

Lock Picking

In situations where you need to gain entry to your home ASAP, our experienced locksmiths can provide professional lock picking services. Our skilled home locksmiths use industry-standard, top-of-the-line lock picking sets that are designed to grant you re-entry to your home in mere minutes. Rather than trying to jimmy your door open with something that could damage your locks, contact We Do Locksmith for quick, efficient, and safe locksmith service!

Key Replacement

Lose your house keys? Not a problem. We can replace keys without access to the original! So long as we have access to the lock that your key fits in, we can use specialized tools that learn a lock’s key patterns to make a brand new key. Additionally, if you believe your keys have been stolen, we can provide lock rekeying services. Contact We Do Locksmith today for house key replacement services!

Jammed Key Extractions

No matter how durable they may seem when they are brand new, all keys are susceptible to wear and tear over time. This wear and tear may eventually cause a key to bend or break inside a lock, causing a jam and preventing you from opening a door. If your key ever gets jammed inside a lock, you’ll need the assistance of an emergency locksmith. Please do not attempt to pry out the broken key on your own, as this could further complicate things. Instead, give our emergency locksmiths a call — we have the right tools for a safe and efficient extraction!

Reliable Emergency Locksmith Services

Our team of award-winning emergency locksmiths offers fast and friendly services in Tampa, Orlando, and Jacksonville at a price point you can afford. Our certified technicians are well-trained, offer a 30 minute or less response time, and utilize industry-standard techniques and tools to ensure that we find the right solution to your lock-and-key situation. Contact us today to schedule locksmith services!


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