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When it comes to protecting your home, valuables, and family, home security cameras can be your eyes and ears, whether you’re just on the other side of the door or hundreds of miles away. Our experienced team of professional locksmiths can help you find the right surveillance cameras for your needs and help you install them in key locations throughout your property for full protection. Contact We Do Locksmith today to schedule a free, no-obligation service quote!


Security Camera Installation & Sales

Home security camera systems have gained popularity in recent years due to breakthroughs in technology and increased affordability, making them accessible to almost anyone. However, you can’t put a price tag on your family’s safety, and buying quality surveillance cameras for home is a must. That’s why we only stock the best home security camera options for an array of budgets. Our technicians can answer all of your questions, help you determine what system is right for your needs, and even assist with installation. We know where to place home security cameras for optimum coverage and make your safety a priority.

What To Look For When Buying A Home Security Camera System

When you’re entrusting the security of your home to a particular system, it’s important to do your research before settling on a product. To help you navigate your options, we provide some basic information to consider before making a purchase.

Resolution quality. You want a camera with high enough resolution to make out details, so you know what you’re looking at. Most security camera resolutions include 1080p, 4MP (1440p), 5MP (1920p), 4K (8MP). While 4K is the highest resolution, it also uses more bandwidth and storage, so ensuring your internet can handle any requirements is important. While you may want to go for the highest resolution, lower resolutions can still be crisp.

Wired or wireless. Wireless is a popular choice, but your Wi-Fi bandwidth must be able to handle transmitting the imagery; otherwise, wired is preferred. It’s also important to note that wireless does not necessarily mean no wires, as many systems use wiring as a power source. However, battery-operated options are available.

Outdoor functions. Doorbell cameras and wireless outdoor security cameras are popular choices to keep your property and home safe, but not all home security cameras were made to last outside. Be sure to thoroughly vet your outdoor cameras and consult a security technician if you’re unsure. Also, look for night vision functions, so your system can protect you day or night.

Monitored or unmonitored. Many systems offer the ability to monitor the cameras yourself or to pay a monthly fee to have them monitored 24/7 by a home security company. Both have pros and cons, so it’s important to research your options and decide what you are most comfortable with.

User interface. If you’re not opting for a monitored system, decide how you want to monitor the system yourself. Options include apps that can work on smart devices, a dedicated CRTV, or have it linked to an intercom system or alarm system.

Security for your security. Research which cameras and brands have good security features for their systems so that no one can access your security camera but you. Additionally, for your own security, change log-in credentials instead of leaving them as their default.

Additional Security Options

Surveillance cameras are an important aspect of home security, but in order to achieve full protection, you need to consider additional home security options. High-security locks make it difficult for intruders to gain access to your home, and mailbox locks can help protect your sensitive information. Keyless entry systems also provide more control and peace of mind.


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