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While protecting your personal property is one thing, protecting those irreplaceable, valuable possessions is of the utmost importance. Safes are a great high-security way to prevent the theft of those important belongings and all the memories that come with them!  We Do Locksmith provides residential safe installation and opening services so you can have peace of mind that your valuables are secure inside your home safe!

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Home Safe Installations

We all have those precious or memorable possessions that need to be appropriately secured. The size of your home is not important to burglars; it’s what’s in your home that matters. With a residential safe, you can protect your possessions from high or low crime rates. Our safe locksmiths can install your home safe to help ensure your possessions are safely locked behind closed doors.

Safe Opening

Opening a safe in the movies is a lot different than reality. No matter if you just forgot the combination or if there is an underlying mechanical issue preventing you from opening the safe, contact our team of locksmiths so we can crack open your safe. Our trusted team can also troubleshoot any issues preventing the safe from opening without causing damage to your safe or the valuables inside it.

When You Will Need A Locksmith To Open A Safe

Lost Safe Combination Or Lost Keys

Much like being locked out of your car because you lost your keys, being locked out of your safe because you forgot the combination is also an issue. But getting into your safe isn’t as easy as getting back into your car, as safes were meant to protect your expensive valuables, which makes them far more complicated. This is where our trained locksmiths come in, so we can bypass any auxiliary measures and get back into your safe without damaging the contents of your safe.

The Wiring Has Internal Damage

Contrary to traditional safes that are unlocked with a combination or key, electronic safes are made with internal wiring. When this is damaged, it can make it almost impossible to open your safe. Before assuming the wiring has been damaged, double-check the keypad is connected and that the batteries still have a charge. If this is not the case, contact us so that we can get your electronic safe working again!

Shifting Combination Numbers

If you have an older traditional safe with a combination lock, there is a chance that the combination may shift, though this is rare. If this happens, we recommend trying to alter your combination by either adding or subtracting one from every number in your combination code to see if that works. If it doesn’t work, add or subtract up to five places from your original combination. If this method works for you, contact one of our local locksmiths today so we can conduct the proper maintenance needed to solve this issue.

Jammed Safe Bolts

Safe issues aren’t always user-related, oftentimes the safe bolts may be to blame as something could be wrong with them or they can be jammed. The first clue about whether you are dealing with a jammed lock is if the locking mechanism won’t fully rotate. These can become jammed for several reasons, including misaligned bolts or excessive force being used on the safe. If you are noticing that the knob on your safe isn’t fully rotating, contact one of our locksmiths today!


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