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A standard lock might provide enough protection for many homes, but for homeowners who are looking for extra security to protect their most valuable assets, high-security locks can be the answer. Our residential locksmith company only uses high-grade equipment and parts, and we are knowledgeable in the latest developments in high-security locks, including keyless door locks and electronic door locks.

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Benefits Of High-Security Locks

For consumers who wonder whether or not high-security locks are worth the investment, the answer is typically yes, especially if you’re investing in the best rather than the least expensive. High-security locks offer an array of benefits that bolster residential security, including:

Resistant To Bumping & Drilling

Traditional locks feature a straight pin mechanism that can be opened with a bump key and a hard jolt to the door. On the other hand, high-security locks have telescoping pins that are resistant to this maneuver. They are also housed in casings that are resistant to drilling damage.

Unique Keys

Unlike common locks with keys that can be replicated at almost any hardware shop, high-security locks use biaxial cut keys that typically have a unique ID required to make a copy. Additionally, the ID is provided by the lock only, making it even harder to copy without your authorization.

Many Variations

There are several different types of high-security locks on the market and many fit an array of security needs. Our residential locksmith can discuss the best options available to help you determine which one is right for you.

Almost Impossible To Lock Pick

High-security locks feature biaxial cuts that create unique angles. These angles make it extremely difficult for home intruders to use a lock-pick to release the mechanism.

What To Look For In High-Security Locks

No matter what type of high-security lock you’re looking to get, the following traits should be prioritized to know you’re getting the best high-security lock for your needs.

Quality Construction

A heavy lock is a safer lock, yet some manufacturers cut costs by using cheap metals, plastics, or hollow spaces. These inferior materials can compromise the integrity of your lock, making it easier for criminals to gain entry into your home. An easy way to judge the quality is to gauge how heavy it is compared to traditional locks — the heavier, the better. Your local locksmith should also be able to help steer you in the right direction of quality manufacturers.

Drill Resistant

A common way for criminals to gain entry into your home is by completely destroying the lock with a drill. As we mentioned, most high-security locks are drill resistant, but it’s important to know how the lock you’re considering accomplishes this. Two common methods are for the lock to have anti-drill plates and hardened steel ball-bearings. Anything additional to this can help ensure that your lock will never be compromised.

Key Copying

Investing in a high-security lock with patented keyways means that copies of your keys won’t fall into unwanted hands. For example, if you lose your keys, a would-be-criminal wouldn’t be able to make a copy of the key because they wouldn’t have access to the unique ID. Additionally, these can only have doubles made by a specific machine that isn’t available at a standard hardware shop.

Bolt Strength

Just like the construction of the lock is important for standing up to home invasion attempts, the bolt also needs to be strong. If a criminal can’t drill or lock-pick their way in, they may attempt using brute force to push the door in. A sturdy bolt can withstand external force without buckling, and can even stand up to sawing tools.


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