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When determining what kind of high-security door lock you would like for your business, it is important to know the differences in protection between them all, as this is an important decision that can help ensure that your commercial property is amply protected. Each high-security lock comes with different traits that offer different levels of protection. To help you decide, our experienced team of professional locksmiths has put together this guide to high-security commercial locks. If you are looking to install these locks on your property, our certified technicians offer fast, affordable high-security commercial lock installation services — right on-site.

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What Is A High-Security Commercial Lock?

A high-security door lock is a high-quality and powerful lock that makes it difficult for criminals to break or pick in order to gain access to your commercial property. In addition, these locks can help to provide you with peace of mind and a greater sense of security than a standard lock due to their improved qualities.

Can It Be Picked?

All locks can be picked, but a high-security commercial lock can help to make it more difficult for someone to open your lock successfully. For a lock to be picked, a criminal must be able to reach each pin with a lock picking tool while applying torque to the lock.

Can It Be Bumped?

Lock bumping uses a bump key to align the pins of a common cylinder lock and is a common form of lock picking. Bumping takes advantage of the mass production of locks. There are several types of high-security locks that are bump and pick resistant to help protect your commercial property.

Traits Of A High-Security lock

Lock Cylinder Complexity

The complexity of a door lock cylinder can make it more difficult for a criminal to open your lock successfully. The difficulty of a lock cylinder can often offer too high of a challenge for a criminal to try to pick their way into your business. But, if you are considering an electronic door lock with a keypad, you will not have to worry about the complexity of the lock cylinder.

Metal Content

A hardy lock often relies on the amount of metal used in its composition, as a lock made with plastic components can ultimately weaken your security. You can often determine the metal content based on how heavy it feels in your hands. A lock with a heavy metal content will need to be bored and cross-bored in order to access the lock‘s internal mechanisms.

Bolt Strength

Aside from the metal content of your lock, you will also need the bolt to withstand force, which is where high-security door locks come into play. High-security door locks have hardened steel bolts that can withstand bludgeoning attacks and cutting attacks, meaning that criminals will not be able to bend, snap, or use a hacksaw to damage the bolt to open the door.

Drill Protection

Many people who try to break into your commercial property will attempt to drill your locks as it is a fast way to break the lock. Having a high-security commercial door lock with drill protection can help protect your commercial property from a criminal’s tried and true method of breaking in. Drill protection protects both the set screws and sheer lines using hardened steel ball-bearings or an anti-drill plate.

Key Control

Having a high-security lock with a patented keyway can help to ensure that people will not be able to copy a key without your knowledge and can help make access to key blanks more restricted. If you have spare keys, make sure that you hide them extremely well not to lose control of your keys.


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