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Garages are one of the most integral and multifaceted areas of a home. Garages can act as workshops, storage rooms, parking spaces, and can even be converted into a hangout spot/living area. No matter what you use your garage for, we’re willing to bet you keep a lot of important stuff in there. As garages are such a fundamental part of our homes, it’s crucial that we keep them and the items they contain protected. That’s where our residential locksmiths can help — we offer convenient garage door lock installation and repair services.

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The Importance Of Garage Locks

Cars, bikes, tools, family heirlooms, toys, appliances, and so on are all examples of valuable items people typically store in their garage. Unfortunately, these are all items burglars would love to get their mitts on, and they can spot an unsecured or malfunctioning garage door from a mile away. Worse yet, when a homeowner leaves their garage door unprotected, they make it significantly easier for would-be intruders to make their way further into the house, especially if they tend to leave the door leading to their garage unlocked. Preventing invasions of these kinds are why outfitting your garage door with high-security locks, or at least ensuring its existing locks are in good repair, is so important.

Garage Door Lock Installation & Repairs

There are a plethora of heavy-duty garage locks on the market, and our certified locksmith technicians have experience and installing and repairing them all. A few of the most common garage door locks and mechanisms our seasoned technicians can provide service for include the following.

T-Handle Locks

Named for their handle’s unique shape, T-handle locks are similar to that of a traditional home door lock. Installed upon the outside of a garage door, these locks require a key to be manually inserted into the handle.

J-Arm Locks

Pretty much every modern garage door comes with one of these simple locking mechanisms pre-installed. J-arm locks consist of an operator arm that locks onto the trolley when the garage door is shut, ensuring that the door can’t be lifted open from the outside.

Slide Locks

Slide locks, sometimes referred to as latch locks, are ubiquitous yet efficient locking mechanisms. These function exactly how you’d imagine, using a bolt that slides into a hole, they latch the garage door in place.

Keyless Locks

Smart locks, electronically coded locks, keypads, etc., keyless locks are generally high-tech and impervious to lockpicking. These are a super-convenient choice, as they can easily be reprogrammed should their code ever become compromised.


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