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Picture this. You are running late for work, so you hop in your car, only to find that it won’t start, leaving you feeling frustrated and stuck. Many times, vehicle owners will just assume that this issue is caused by your car’s battery when it actually might be caused by a faulty ignition switch, which is used every time the vehicle is turned on. When you are running late and need emergency ignition switch repair, contact our automobile locksmiths at We Do Locksmith for fast, and affordable ignition switch repair services. As an added bonus, our professional locksmiths can come to you!

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How Can An Automotive Locksmith Help With Ignition Switch Replacement?

When you are running late for an important work meeting, a common cause of this emergency situation could be a faulty ignition switch, which is one of your vehicle’s most important electronic components that is often overlooked. Thankfully, our auto locksmiths are able to perform an entire ignition switch replacement, including replacing the wiring. As each car has a different ignition switch, specific to brand and model, parts may need to be ordered by our team.

Broken Key Extraction

Much like any other piece of electronic equipment or your home’s door locks, your car key can wear down after enduring months, and maybe years of use. This can lead to your car key breaking inside your car’s ignition, leaving you stuck and without a way to start or lock your car. Besides being a frustrating inconvenience, a broken key can also cause ignition switch failure. Thankfully, one of our trained locksmiths can replace your car key on-site as well as remove the broken key.

Ignition Repair

Like your car keys, a car’s ignition switch can also deteriorate over the many times you have started your car. Ignition switches can often be repaired, but in extreme cases, such as too much damage to the cylinder, the ignition switch may have to be replaced. Our automotive locksmiths at We Do Locksmith are able to repair and replace the ignition switch right on-site. Contact us today if you have been caught in this emergency situation.

How Long Does It Take To Replace An Ignition Switch?

The amount of time an ignition switch replacement will take is dependent on the model, make, and age of your car. After we have acquired all of the parts necessary for the replacement, the process won’t take long. The longest part of the process involves removing all the different latches, screws, and bolts used to hold the cover together, all of which will also have to be replaced.

Why DIY Replacement Is Dangerous

When it comes to replacing your car’s ignition switch, this should always be handled professionally, as attempting to replace it yourself can cause some pretty severe damage to your car.  When replacing the switch, there is some deconstruction required in order to gain access to the ignition, which involves some parts that will need to be pried open. Our local auto locksmiths have the proper skills and training to help repair and replace your car’s ignition switch properly.


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