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For homeowners and business owners looking to help keep their families and valuables safe, high-security locks are an effective solution. Each high-security lock comes with different traits that offer different levels of protection. If you are looking to beef up your security, our emergency locksmiths can quickly and efficiently install new high-security door locks, including keyless door locks and electronic door locks, as part of our 24-hour emergency locksmith services to help improve the security of your commercial or residential property.

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What Is A High-Security Lock?

High-security door locks are powerful locks designed to make entry into your property by bumping and picking your locks difficult for potential intruders. These locks can also help provide you, your family, and your employees with peace of mind and a greater sense of security than a standard lock.

Can High-Security Locks Be Picked?

While almost all locks can be picked, high-security locks can make it more difficult for potential criminals to open the doors to your residential or commercial property. This is because traditional locks feature a straight pin mechanism, while high-security door locks use biaxial cuts that create unique angles, which can make it extremely difficult for home intruders to pick your locks.

Can High-Security Locks Be Bumped?

As previously mentioned, traditional locks use a straight pin mechanism which allows for the lock to be opened with a bump key and a hard jolt to the door. Bumping is a form of lock picking that takes advantage of the mass production of locks. High-security locks use telescoping pins that are resistant to bumping, making this form of picking extremely difficult for possible intruders.

Traits Of A High-Security Lock

Metal Content

When looking for a high-security lock, a heavy lock is a safer lock, as some lock manufacturers use plastic components that can weaken your security. Based on how heavy it feels in your hands, you can often tell how much metal content is in your lock. Our local emergency locksmiths can help steer you in the right direction of a quality high-security lock for extra protection.

Drill Protection

A common way criminals can gain entry into your home is by destroying the lock with a drill. However, many high-security locks are drill-resistant, which can help protect your property from a criminal’s tried and true method of entry. High-security locks with drill protection use either hardened steel ball-bearings or an anti-drill plate.

Bolt Strength

Aside from just the metal content of your lock, the bolt will also need to withstand force. If a criminal is unable to drill or pick their way in, they may attempt to use brute force to open the door. The sturdy bolts on high-security locks use hardened steel that can withstand both bludgeoning attacks and cutting attacks, preventing criminals from bending, snapping, or using a hacksaw to damage the bolt on the door.

Key Control

Many of the modern high-security door locks have patented keyways so that copies of your keys won’t fall into unwanted hands, nor will they be able to copy a key without your knowledge. If you have spare keys, make sure that you hide them extremely well not to lose control of your keys.


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