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Door locks have become such an integral part of our homes that we often take them for granted. But, like any other piece of hardware, locks are susceptible to wear and tear. Humidity, rust, dust, and excessive force can all compromise their structural integrity over time, and cause them to jam or get stuck. Even worse, worn and damaged door locks are easier to pick, making them less reliable for security.

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Lock Repair Vs. Replacement

In most cases, you don’t need to replace your entire lock to get it back to working condition, merely replacing the lock cylinder (the part containing the keyhole) will do. For some lock types, such as rim and level cylinder locks, repairing the tailpiece might do. In any case, a residential locksmith will be better able to address the situation and give you a few viable options once they’ve inspected the lock. If necessary, we can also rekey or change the damaged lock.

When Should I Repair My Locks?

Any indication that your lock is not working as it used to is reason enough to be wary. Even minor inconveniences, such as a noticeable resistance when turning the key, could be signs of a worn or damaged part. To ensure your home stays protected, have a locksmith take a look as soon as you notice an issue.

If you find yourself locked out of your home, don’t hesitate to contact an emergency locksmith to get you back inside.

Common Lock Issues

We’ve seen many broken and malfunctioning locks throughout our years in the business and can help in a wide range of situations, including any of the following.

  • Jammed Door Lock
  • Key Stuck In Lock
  • Stuck Deadbolt
  • Entire Lock Cylinder Turns
  • Key Is Hard To Insert
  • Key Turns Slowly
  • Door Won’t Stay Closed
  • Misaligned Door Latch
  • Door Locks Slowly
  • Key Turns But Won’t Unlock


How Long Does It Take To Repair A Lock?

Here at We Do Locksmith, we understand how important home security is. As a leading locksmith company in Florida, we strive to provide our customers with fast and reliable services. While the timeframe to repair a lock will vary depending on its condition, we can generally get the issue resolved in as little as 20-30 min. For a more accurate estimate, contact us today to request a quote.

We also have ample experience with most lock types and makers, including the following.

  • Door Knob
  • Deadbolt
  • Entry Level
  • Garage Door
  • Yale
  • LSDA
  • Defiant
  • Rim
  • Shed
  • U.S.
  • MaxTech
  • Patio Door
  • Mortise
  • Schlage
  • Baldwin
  • Kwikset


How To Fix Door Locks

For minor issues, such as a slow-turning cylinder, you can try spraying some WD-40 in the key slot yourself. You can also try removing the key in and out of the lock and then unlocking the door several times to loosen the lock’s parts. However, if lubricating the lock does little or nothing to correct the issue, do not attempt any further repairs yourself. Without the right tools and expertise, you may end up damaging the lock even more. Instead, call a certified locksmith to inspect the lock.


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