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Panic bars, also known as crash bars are exit devices that help with speedy exits during an emergency situation. Our team of commercial locksmiths can help you install and repair broken or damaged panic bars to help improve the security of your business as well as meet the legal requirements for fire safety.

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What Is A Crash Bar?

Crash bar doors are doors that feature panic bars, which are used to allow for a quick and easy escape during an emergency situation, such as a fire. While exiting these doors is easy, they remain securely locked from the outside. Push bars for doors also often feature alarm systems that alert the rest of the building’s inhabitants that they should vacate the property. These alarms can also alert local firefighters or local authorities.

Why Your Office Needs A Panic Door

One of the main reasons why your business may need a panic bar is that they are required by the National Fire Protection Association, but these regulations and requirements vary from building to building. As a general rule of thumb, if your door has a lock or latch with a push or pull feature, it will need a crash bar. Our nearby locksmiths are able to steer your company in the right direction when choosing a panic bar, which is why we offer panic bars as part of our commercial locksmith services.

What Type Of Emergency Exit Bars Are Available?

While you may have seen the traditional emergency panels in many of the places you visit, many business owners are unaware that there are other types of panic bars that they can use, being vertical rod panic bars, concealed vertical rod panic bars, and side latch panic bars.

Vertical Rod Panic Bars

While vertical rod panic bars may have a similar appearance to horizontal panic bars, they have locking and unlocking mechanisms at the bottom and the top of the door that are activated when the bar is pressed.

Concealed Vertical Rod Panic Bars

If your commercial property has a lot of aluminum doors, a concealed vertical rod panic bar is a great solution for your emergency hardware. As aluminum doors are hollow, it allows for the hardware to be concealed internally, meaning there are fewer chances of unwanted intruders of using your panic doors as an entryway.

Side Latch Panic Bars

While side latch panic bars may look similar to the rest, there is a difference in the locking mechanism, which is a heavy duty side latch that locks into the strike plate of the door frame, and it is not equipped with any vertical locking, unlike the two mentioned above.


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