Commercial Door Lock Changes & Repairs


Unlike residential spaces, commercial buildings need to be designed to withstand the wear and tear of many daily users, which could lead to abuse on your business’s doors or locks. With all the time and effort you have put into your business, it is important to make sure that your locks are working properly and any that aren’t, are repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Our experienced team of professional locksmiths can help repair and replace your business’s door locks quickly and efficiently to help increase your business’s security.

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Commercial Door Lock Repair

Door locks weren’t made to last forever, and when a problem arises or the lock isn’t working like it’s supposed to, it may need to be repaired or replaced to help keep your business safe. Your business’s security is highly dependent on your locks, so it is important to ensure your business’s door locks are properly maintained and in good repair. A faulty lock could be an open door to intruders. Whether the lock is damaged from vandalism or worn down from heavy traffic, We Do Locksmith has the solutions to repair the problem!

Commercial Door Lock Changes

Rather than just rekeying your commercial door locks, which doesn’t increase the lock’s strength, so it may be better to change your locking system hardware under certain circumstances. For example, if your business has experienced a break-in or an attempted break-in, your lock may be damaged and might need to be replaced so it won’t malfunction. We also recommend changing your locks to a more upgraded security system if your business has been a victim of a break-in.

Types Of Commercial Locks

Panic/Crash Bars

Panic bars are strategically placed to help in emergencies as they are designed to increase the ease of access when exiting a door. These do not require special skills nor excess exertion to use and help to create a more streamlined and easy process during an emergency. With these types of locks, it’s important to maintain them properly; otherwise, it presents a safety issue with your business.

Mortise Locks

A mortise lock is best used in a commercial setting as they are resilient and can withstand constant and consistent use. In addition, mortise locks have strong, durable internal components that help them remain in use for a more extended time. Plus, these locks can be used in conjunction with another to help give your business some added security.

Keypad Door Locks

Many types of keypad door locks come equipped with features to help cater to a greater number of employees without sacrificing security. For example, many keypad door locks allow multiple users to access the lock without giving everyone in the building a key. In addition, some keypad door locks are completely keyless, which helps them be more secure against being picked or bypassed by traditional methods.

Cylindrical Lever Locks

A cylindrical lever lock is a commercial door lock designed to fit commercial properties that experience a high volume of traffic. These locks can be operated with a key or combination of a key and a push-button, located on the interior to help control who has access from the exterior.

Commercial Electric Strike Locks

A commercial electric strike lock is a type of electronic door lock that can be used in conjunction with a panic bar or a keypad door lock system. There are two main types of these locks: fail-safe and fail-secure locks, of which the main difference is how their circuitry operates the lock. They can help restrict access and funnel all your business’s foot traffic through one secure location.


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