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Instead of using a traditional, mechanical key, modern car keys have become automated, many of which use a transponder chip so vehicle owners can unlock their doors, open their trunks, or sound their alarm remotely. While these keys are super convenient, they can be frustrating to program and replace, as each has specific programming. At We Do Locksmith, we offer car key programming services as one of our automotive locksmith services. Our automotive locksmiths are even able to travel to you, wherever you may be. We can perform car key programming services for vehicles of all makes and models. Contact We Do Locksmith today to learn more about our car key programming services!

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What Is A Key Fob?

A key fob is a security device with built-in authentication that you can use to access different devices, including vehicles, buildings, mobile devices, networks, data, and so on. In regards to vehicles, car key fobs, also known as smart keys or transponder keys, are generally used to lock/unlock doors remotely. These innovative and convenient smart keys contain a short-range radio transmitter that sends a coded signal to a vehicle’s built-in receiver unit when the lock/unlock button on the fob is pressed.

Benefits Of Having A Locksmith Cut & Program Your Keys

Only dealerships and specially trained auto locksmiths are able to cut and reprogram car keys that contain complex programming sequences. At We Do Locksmith, our local locksmiths are able to provide quality fob programming services, and below, we have listed the benefits of having one of our trained locksmiths cut and program your car keys.

They Are Licensed & Insured

One of the most important benefits of having a locksmith cut and program your keys is that our automotive locksmith services are backed by proper licensing and years of training in various types of auto locks, keys, and other security features of your vehicle. This includes being able to perform high-quality car key programming services.

They Offer Instant Help

Rather than having to sit for hours in the waiting area of a car dealership, locksmiths are able to respond quickly to the situation, without the wait! Rain or shine and night or day, our locksmiths are even able to travel to your location if you have been locked out of your vehicle due to a failing key fob!

Less Expensive Than The Dealership

Getting your car key cut and reprogrammed by a dealership can end up costing you an unnecessarily exorbitant amount of money. Our local locksmiths are able to provide the same quality of service at just a fraction of the cost. Your wallet will thank you for choosing our car key programming locksmiths the next time you need key fob programming services.


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