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Lost car keys are an endlessly frustrating inconvenience. After all, in these modern times, access to a vehicle is a necessity. Accordingly, having a spare car key handy also becomes a necessity. Duplicate car keys can save vehicle owners precious time, energy, and — on days where it’s the difference between whether they make it to work or not — money. Don’t let replacing a lost or broken car key ruin turn into a whole day ordeal. Spare your future self a migraine or two, and reach out to a local locksmith ASAP to have your car keys duplicated!

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What Is Key Duplication?

Car key duplication refers to the process by which an existing car key is used to create (or duplicate) a copy car key. Typically, creating a duplicate key is performed by a machine known as a key duplicator. After the key has been crafted, one of our experienced locksmiths will sand the key down to give it a smooth finish and carefully inspect the final product to ensure a reliable copy has been made. By the end of the key duplication process, you’ll have a brand new key that works on all the same locks as the original.

Benefits Of Having A Spare Car Key

There are a plethora of benefits to keeping a spare car key or two around the house. Most notably, spare car keys save you money. Beyond ensuring that you can make it to work on time, having a spare car key means you won’t have to cough up any extra dough for urgent, road-side key cutting services. Additionally, having extra car keys around is just plain convenient! Ever locked your keys in the car? With a duplicate key, you save time by being able to use your spare to get back in the car, rather than having to wait for an auto locksmith to show up and pop the door open for you. Simply put, spare car keys grant peace-of-mind.

How Long Does It Take To Copy A Key?

This depends on the complexity of the key being copied. Generally, a skilled car key locksmith, such as those at We Do Locksmith, can duplicate an existing key in a few minutes. If the car key being copied is being used to start a car that requires a transponder chip, then the process may take a little longer. Keys that require will need to go through the car key programming process, which is another service our locksmiths can provide. Contact us to learn more about our key copying process and have your car keys duplicated today!


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