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Getting locked out of your business means that business can’t get done. This halts the flow of employee tasks, customer projects, and can affect your bottom line and reputation. To get you back into your business fast, you can depend on the quick and efficient commercial locksmiths at We Do Locksmith. Whether it’s day or night, holidays or weekends, we provide 24/7 lockout services to get you back to business no matter what.

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Don’t waste time or risk damaging your property by trying to force your way in! Contact our professional locksmiths for a free, no-obligation quote. We’ll be there in less than thirty minutes!

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How An Emergency Locksmith Can Help

Businesses can have a lot of different types of locks in place to increase the security of their buildings and certain rooms, documents, and offices located on the property. Whether you are locked out of the entire building, a specific office, a safe, or even a filing cabinet or supply closet, we can help you gain access back to any part of your office or business.

Changing Locks Or Rekeying

Changing door locks can be a matter of utmost importance if there has been a break-in at your company. Even if the break-in was not successful, damaged locks should be changed immediately to prevent further attempts. You should also consider upgrading to high-security locks that are resistant to damage and almost impossible to pick. If a key to the business has been lost or if an employee with key access was recently let go, rekeying locks is less expensive while still rendering previous keys unusable. We don’t even need access to the original key to rekey locks!

Commercial Vehicle Lockouts

If you’re locked out of a company vehicle rather than the building, we can still help! Our emergency car lockout services cover instances where keys have been stolen, lost, locked in the car, trunk lockout, and jammed key extraction. We even provide car key replacement and car key programming to get you back on the road faster.

Electrical Strikes

Storms can sometimes reset electrical security systems and access control systems, which can limit the access you have to a building or even make your building completely accessible. To ensure the security of your business, contact our electrical strike locksmiths ASAP so we can get everything set back up correctly.

Commercial Locksmith Services

There are many different types of locks in a business building that promotes security. Our team of locksmiths can handle a variety of locks, including:



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