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Many things can go wrong with your car door locks. They can get jammed, rusted by the weather, or just worn out due to daily use. When your locks don’t work properly, it can be extremely frustrating to deal with. Rather than making an expensive trip to the dealership to have your car door locks changed or rekeyed, reach out to an experienced automotive locksmith at We Do Locksmith. Our certified Tampa, Orlando, or Jacksonville locksmiths offer fast, affordable car lock change and rekeying services — right on-site.

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What Is Rekeying A Car?

Rekeying your car’s locks involves changing your locks so that they will only work with a new key, meaning that old keys won’t work in the lock anymore. This process typically involves replacing the lock key pins, changing the wafers, or changing the tumbler setting in the current lock, which will allow you to open your door with the new car keys.

When To Rekey A Lock

Auto Vandalism Or Theft

Another common reason to rekey your car is if they have been recently stolen. There is a chance that a copy of the key could have been made while the vehicle was stolen. Rekeying your lock will ensure that any old keys will no longer be able to unlock your car. If your lock has been ruined due to vandalism, our auto locksmiths can quickly get your car rekeyed and get you back on the road!

After An Accident

The doors of your car are a vulnerable place on a vehicle, so if your car doors have been damaged in the accident, the locks may have also been damaged, which might mean they need to be either rekeyed or changed. If you have recently been involved in an auto accident and your car doors have experienced some damage, our car key locksmiths can rekey your locks quickly and efficiently.

Car Door Lock Change

A car door lock that does not function properly can be a security risk or lead to an emergency auto lock-out situation, which can be rather frustrating to deal with, especially if the situation is urgent. Our locksmiths will be able to change out your locks and replace your car keys or reprogram them to help improve your car’s security and help your car’s locks function properly.

Why Change Your Car Door Lock?

Ignition Replacement

For the majority of cars, there is often only one key that is used for both the door locks and the ignition. So, if the ignition key is replaced, you will be left with an extra key, being the one that only fits the door lock. Our locksmiths can either rekey your car door lock or change out the lock entirely to help remedy the inconvenience of having two separate car keys.

Broken Car Door Locks

If your car key won’t turn in the lock or even go into the lock, this is a pretty serious problem that could lead to a car lock-out if you don’t have an electronic car door lock. Unfortunately, there is no D.I.Y solution to fix a broken car door lock. Thankfully, We Do Locksmith can inspect and change out your car door locks.


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