Commercial Access Control Systems


Controlling access to your building and its various offices and rooms can be tricky. Keys get lost, can be copied, and locks need to be changed. Commercial access control systems alleviate these issues while providing the highest level of security and control to business owners. With custom options and reliable technology, you’ll wonder how you ever felt secure in your building before installing an access control system.

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Benefits Of Access Control Systems

Electronic key systems provide on-the-fly control that’s easy, efficient, and takes less time to manage than it does to brew a pot of coffee for the office. While there are many benefits that are unique to specific systems and interfaces, consistent benefits of access control systems include the following.

Easy Key Management

With access control systems, it’s as simple as a touch of a button to program new keys, modify key-holder access privileges, and deactivate keys. You can also simply “buzz someone in” if they forgot their key. Additionally, there is less hassle if that key isn’t found because you won’t have to replace locks and reissue new keys to everyone who needs access.

Specific Access Dates & Times

A key can be programmed to only allow the key-holder access to the building during certain hours or on certain days so no employee has after-hour access to your business unless you’ve approved it first. You can also give guests, such as stakeholders or conference attendants, temporary access to specific rooms in your building while keeping other areas locked up.

Electronic Logs

Access control systems log every instance when someone uses their code or keycard, which includes the specific door, date, time, and who the person was. This can make it easier to uncover information in the case of theft or other incidents.

Convenient Alerts

You can set up the system to send text or email alerts if there are any issues with the system, including break-ins or someone trying to access a room they’re not authorized for. You can also receive alerts for regular use to keep track of when someone enters or leaves your business. This extra layer of notification will keep you continuously apprised of what is happening in your business.

Better Security

Electronic door locks are a type of high-security door locks that provide extra protection for exterior doors, interior doors, and specific areas that may require higher clearance within your company. It also makes it easier to add security privileges for new or promoted employees, or take away privileges for terminated or demoted employees.

Types Of Access Control Systems

Most well-designed access control systems have four distinctive features: the master station, site controller, entry control unit, and user input device. Our technicians are trained and equipped to install all components for several different types of access control systems, which can cover building access control systems, door access control systems, and an access control system gate. From simple yet effective key codes to physical key cards or fobs, we can set you up with everything you need to keep your business secure.

  • Biometric Access Control (Thumb Or Fingerprints)
  • Card Access
  • Keypads
  • Key Fobs
  • Electric Strikes
  • Remote Access
  • Proximity Readers

We can also link your access control system to your video and intercom systems so you have the highest degree of control when it comes to your business.

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