6 Locksmith Myths Debunked

When it comes to locksmith services, there can be a lot of misunderstandings about what locksmiths can actually do, the security of different locks, and who can even perform lockpicking. To help you better understand locksmithing, We Do Locksmith is debunking some of the most common myths. And when you need locksmith services, whether it’s lockpicking, key duplication, or upgrading the locks for your home or business, you can depend on us!

Locksmiths Have A Master Key

Our jobs would be a lot easier if we had a magical key that opened up any door. Unfortunately, no such thing exists unless you have a master key system, and even then, the master key only works with your system. Instead of a master key, we use special tools to open doors during lockouts, and it can be much more difficult than the movies would have you believe.

Locksmiths Keep A Copy Of Your Key

Another security concern myth some people believe is the locksmith you do business with will keep a copy of your key. This is completely untrue. A professional locksmith will never keep a copy of your key “for their records.” This is a breach of your trust and privacy, and absolutely unacceptable. If you are worried about a company’s trustworthiness, be sure to look online for reviews and ask to review their credentials.

Locksmith Services Are Expensive

Whenever you require emergency services, there’s a chance you’re going to pay a premium. But in general, locksmith companies should provide competitive pricing that keeps costs low for their customers. Of course, different jobs may require more time or expertise, and cost more than a simple lock change. No matter what, if it’s not an emergency, you should take the time to compare companies by receiving multiple quotes. Also, look online to compare customer reviews. Just because someone gives you a low price, doesn’t mean they are the best.

Older Locks Are Just As Secure As Modern Locks

Vintage locks may look cool, but they definitely don’t provide the same level of security as modern locks do. These older locks are easier to lockpick and easier to jam open. If you want the best security for your home or business, consider having high-security locks installed. These locks are more resistant to break-ins and can provide better peace of mind than a lock that only serves the purpose of looking neat.

Lockpicking Is Easy

We’ve all seen at least one movie where the suave actor or actress opens a door with a bobby pin and a quick flick of their wrists. In real life though, lockpicking isn’t quite so easy. Novices who don’t know what they’re doing can damage a lock by trying to pick it themselves. And, even if you do succeed in opening it, you might have weakened internal components that will compromise the security of the lock. When it comes to lockpicking, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

You Don’t Need A Certified Locksmith

Speaking of professionals, it’s, unfortunately, true locksmiths are not required to be certified. While this means any locksmith company can work on your locks, we suggest you only work with a company where the locksmiths are certified. While an un-certified locksmith may get the job done, wouldn’t you prefer working with one who’s gone to the effort to prove their skills and dependability?


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